List of Sound Source Materials

Loop-playable sound source material.

セピア [sepia]

DARK-031【Tempo 80 long way】

[tempo 80] A little darker music with minor chords, mainly strings and piano.WAV File Download18.17M...

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MEDIUM-049【Tempo 80 Together in hard times】

[tempo 80] The music is slow, lonely and warm, with mainly acoustic guitar sounds.WAV File Download1...

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DARK-030【Tempo 85 see you tomorrow】

[tempo 85] This music has a slightly lonely atmosphere with minor chords, mainly xylophone.WAV File ...

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DARK-028【Tempo 72 Lost】

[tempo 72] Slow, dark music with mainly synthesizer electronic sounds.WAV File Download8.97MB...

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MEDIUM-038【Tempo 90 Toward Freedom】

[tempo 90] This music has a band sound, with electric guitar, bass, and drums as the main sounds.WAV...

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DARK-027【Tempo 70 Create】

[tempo 70] This music has a loneliness and brightness, with the piano as the main sound.WAV File Dow...

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MEDIUM-036【Tempo 80 Reading Time】

[tempo 80] This is a slow, relaxed music with electric piano and acoustic guitar sounds as the main ...

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DARK-026【Tempo 70 End of journey】

[tempo 70] This is a slow and beautiful music with mainly electric piano sounds.WAV File Download9.2...

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DARK-016【Tempo 69 each decision】

[tempo 69] The music has a slightly sad atmosphere, with strings minor chord sounds and synthesizers...

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DARK-015【Tempo 60 Memories Photo】

[tempo 60] A slightly sad atmosphere with minor chords and a slow, slightly sad atmosphere using org...

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DARK-009【Tempo 75 past time】

[tempo 75] This music is inspired by past time with synthesizer drum sounds and acoustic guitar arpe...

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