List of Sound Source Materials

Loop-playable sound source material.

ダンス [dance]

BRIGHT-049【Tempo 100 Celebration Day】

[tempo 100] Light and joyful music with piano and brass sounds as the main instruments.WAV File Down...

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BRIGHT-048【Tempo 180 puzzle game】

[tempo 180] This is light and joyful music, mainly consisting of guitar cutting sounds with a good t...

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MEDIUM-050【Tempo 120 Imagined Future】

[tempo 120] This music is mainly synthesizer sounds with delay, and is inspired by the world of the ...

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BRIGHT-046【Tempo 135 eve of the festival】

[tempo 135] This music is mainly piano and string sounds with a festive image.WAV File Download9.57M...

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MEDIUM-046【Tempo 120 Performance Group】

[tempo 120] This music is mainly composed of muted sounds of bass and electric guitar, and is inspir...

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BRIGHT-040【Tempo 180 Retro Game】

[tempo 180] Mainly synthesizer sounds and electronic sounds, this music is inspired by games.WAV Fil...

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MEDIUM-034【Tempo 88 Underground Martial Arts】

[tempo 88] This is cool music, mainly electronic sounds of synthesizers.WAV File Download7.34MB...

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MEDIUM-031【Tempo 128 Versus】

[tempo 128] This is cool music with a light rhythm, mainly electronic sounds of synthesizers.WAV Fil...

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BRIGHT-028【Tempo 75 Retro Period】

[tempo 90] The music is mainly electric piano and bass sounds, fashionable but a little bit 60's.WAV...

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MEDIUM-027【Tempo 140 Escape from Hunter】

[tempo 140] The music is inspired by the psychology of being on the run, with the synth-sizer's gall...

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MEDIUM-025【Tempo 128 Nightclub】

[tempo 128] This music is flirty and cool, mainly consisting of rhythmic synthesizer sounds.WAV File...

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