List of Sound Source Materials

Loop-playable sound source material.

テンポかなり速い [tempo quite fast]

BRIGHT-048【Tempo 180 puzzle game】

[tempo 180] This is light and joyful music, mainly consisting of guitar cutting sounds with a good t...

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MEDIUM-043【Tempo 180 cookie baking】

[tempo 180] This music has a light and joyful image, mainly consisting of the sound of an electronic...

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BRIGHT-040【Tempo 180 Retro Game】

[tempo 180] Mainly synthesizer sounds and electronic sounds, this music is inspired by games.WAV Fil...

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MEDIUM-035【Tempo 180 Piano playing in the park】

[tempo 180] Light piano is the main sound in this cheerful mood music.WAV File Download3.59MB...

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BRIGHT-030【tempo 180 Delightful Companions】

[tempo 180] This is a fast-paced, joyful image music with wind instruments and synthesizer electroni...

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MEDIUM-030【Tempo 150 enemy showed up】

[tempo 150] This music is mainly electronic sounds of synthesizers and is inspired by game sounds.WA...

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MEDIUM-027【Tempo 140 Escape from Hunter】

[tempo 140] The music is inspired by the psychology of being on the run, with the synth-sizer's gall...

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BRIGHT-022【Tempo 168 Vegetable dishes】

[tempo 168] Clean music, mainly single notes of synthesizer electronic sounds.WAV File Download5.77M...

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BRIGHT-020【Tempo 150 Happy Time】

[tempo 150] Up-tempo, bright music with a slightly buoyant atmosphere, mainly consisting of synthesi...

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MEDIUM-015【Tempo 69 with a hot drink.】

[tempo 69] Slow, gentle music with acoustic guitar arpeggios and strings.WAV File Download9.36MB...

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MEDIUM-010【Tempo 60 at sunset】

[tempo 60] With a music box atmosphere, this music evokes the image of time spent alone in thought a...

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BRIGHT-003【Tempo 130 Rhythmically jumping!】

[tempo 130] Light music made with synthesizer drums and guitar arpeggios.WAV File Download4.97MB...

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BRIGHT-002【Tempo 120 everyone clapping】

[tempo 120] The drums and acoustic guitar make this music so flippant and bright that it makes you w...

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