List of Sound Source Materials

Loop-playable sound source material.

テンポかなり遅い [tempo quite slow]

MEDIUM-051【Tempo 70 Take it easy today】

[Tempo 70] This is a slow, relaxed music with electric guitar and synthesizer drums as the main inst...

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MEDIUM-047【Tempo 76 Looking at the sky】

[tempo 76] This music has a relaxed atmosphere with electric organ and string sounds as the main ins...

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MEDIUM-045【Tempo 70 Piano Theme】

[tempo 70] This music has a relaxed, slightly lonely image, with piano as the main instrument.WAV Fi...

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MEDIUM-023【Tempo 60 World in a dream】

[tempo 60] This is quiet music with a slow tempo, mainly strings and guitar sounds.WAV File Download...

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DARK-015【Tempo 60 Memories Photo】

[tempo 60] A slightly sad atmosphere with minor chords and a slow, slightly sad atmosphere using org...

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MEDIUM-021【Tempo 70 Time in the water】

[tempo 70] Slow, watery music with acoustic guitar arpeggio sounds.WAV File Download9.23MB...

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DARK-014【Tempo 70 what you see】

[tempo 70] The music is slow and dark, with minor chords on the organ and bass notes, and is reminis...

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MEDIUM-019【Tempo 80 in peace】

[tempo 80] This music has a slow, three-beat rhythm with a slightly lonely feel, mainly consisting o...

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DARK-013 [Tempo 60 on rainy days]

[tempo 60] The music is slow in tempo and mainly consists of organ sounds, evoking a slightly dreary...

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BRIGHT-015【Tempo 70 Calm Cafe】

[tempo 70] This music is inspired by a fashionable café, with the organ as the main instrument.WAV F...

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