List of Sound Source Materials

Loop-playable sound source material.

テンポ100前後 [tempo around 100]

BRIGHT-050【Tempo 98 cute balloons】

[tempo 98] Light and joyful music, mainly guitar cutting and brass instrumental sounds.WAV File Down...

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BRIGHT-049【Tempo 100 Celebration Day】

[tempo 100] Light and joyful music with piano and brass sounds as the main instruments.WAV File Down...

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MEDIUM-044【テンポ100We're good friends】

[tempo 100] This music has a pleasant atmosphere, mainly consisting of electric guitar cutting and e...

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BRIGHT-035【Tempo 100 Happy Endings】

[tempo 100] This music is mainly piano, organ, and synthesizer sounds, and is relaxing and happy.WAV...

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MEDIUM-033【Tempo 100 Mysteries of the Universe】

[tempo 100] This music is mainly based on the mysterious sound of synthesizers and is inspired by my...

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MEDIUM-028【Tempo 100 please wait a moment】

[tempo 100] This music is based on the image of a waiting room, with electric piano and bass as the ...

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DARK-018【Tempo 100 eerie laughter】

[tempo 100] The music is a bit dark, mainly organ minor chords and synthesizer sounds.WAV File Downl...

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BRIGHT-018【Tempo 100 Duck Walk】

[tempo 100] This is a slow, bright music with the main sound of woodwinds.WAV File Download6.46MB...

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MEDIUM-018【Tempo 95 Sleepless City】

[tempo 95] This music is mainly composed of alto saxophone sounds and is inspired by the image of a ...

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MEDIUM-016 [Tempo 102 The truth of this]

[tempo 102] This music is mainly composed of piano arpeggio sounds and is inspired by mystery.WAV Fi...

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MEDIUM-001【Tempo 102 Sacred Realm】

[Tempo 102] This music is inspired by godliness, with strings as the main part and accented drums.WA...

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BRIGHT-005【Tempo 104 relaxed Hawaiian】

[tempo 104] Bright Hawaiian-inspired music with ukulele sound as the main instrument.WAV File Downlo...

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BRIGHT-001【Tempo 100 fun walkway】

[tempo 100] This music has a bright atmosphere based on acoustic guitar cutting.WAV File Download9.6...

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