List of Sound Source Materials

Loop-playable sound source material.

テンポ110前後 [tempo around 110]

BRIGHT-047【Tempo 110 Live strong】

[tempo 110] This is a refreshing music with a bright image, mainly acoustic guitar and string sounds...

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BRIGHT-045【Tempo 116 Artwork】

[tempo 116] This music has a rhythmic feel, mainly consisting of electric guitar cutting and bass so...

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DARK-025【Tempo 110 Do you drink?】

[tempo 110] Slightly dark music with minor chords, mainly guitar cutting sounds.WAV File Download5.8...

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BRIGHT-017【Tempo 116 Morning on the farm】

[tempo 116] Bright music, mainly country music taste with acoustic guitar.WAV File Download5.57MB...

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BRIGHT-013【Tempo 110 normal daily life】

[tempo 110] This bright music is mainly based on major chords, with guitar arpeggios, bass, and drum...

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BRIGHT-005【Tempo 104 relaxed Hawaiian】

[tempo 104] Bright Hawaiian-inspired music with ukulele sound as the main instrument.WAV File Downlo...

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