List of Sound Source Materials

Loop-playable sound source material.

テンポ140前後 [tempo around 140]

MEDIUM-041【Tempo 140 kill the enemy】

[tempo 140] This music is mainly bass slap sounds with a good tempo.WAV File Download4.61MB...

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DARK-021【Tempo 145 Underground Infiltration】

[tempo 145] This is dark music with minor chords, mainly synthesizer electronic sounds.WAV File Down...

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MEDIUM-027【Tempo 140 Escape from Hunter】

[tempo 140] The music is inspired by the psychology of being on the run, with the synth-sizer's gall...

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DARK-002【Tempo 140 escape!】

[tempo 140] This music has a slightly uneasy feeling, with the image of running away from something,...

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