List of Sound Source Materials

Loop-playable sound source material.

管楽器 [wind instrument]

BRIGHT-050【Tempo 98 cute balloons】

[tempo 98] Light and joyful music, mainly guitar cutting and brass instrumental sounds.WAV File Down...

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BRIGHT-049【Tempo 100 Celebration Day】

[tempo 100] Light and joyful music with piano and brass sounds as the main instruments.WAV File Down...

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MEDIUM-042【Tempo 120 Magic Time】

[tempo 120] This music is mainly composed of electric bass and organ sounds with a light image.WAV F...

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MEDIUM-040【Tempo 120 Children's Explorers】

[tempo 120] This music is mainly wind instruments and snare drum sounds, with an image of fun.WAV Fi...

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MEDIUM-037【Tempo 132 Piglet Theme】

[tempo 132] This is bright, country-style music with woodwinds as the main sound.WAV File Download4....

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MEDIUM-032【Tempo 85 Solo Journey】

[tempo 85] This music is mainly composed of the mysterious sound of wind instruments, and is intende...

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BRIGHT-030【tempo 180 Delightful Companions】

[tempo 180] This is a fast-paced, joyful image music with wind instruments and synthesizer electroni...

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BRIGHT-021【Tempo 83 The Great Adventure of the Hedgehog】

[tempo 83] This music has a slow, joyful atmosphere, with the main focus on wind instrument sounds.W...

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MEDIUM-020【Tempo 120 watch out for that guy】

[tempo 120] Lightly rhythmic but not too brisk music with organ and brass sounds.WAV File Download5....

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BRIGHT-018【Tempo 100 Duck Walk】

[tempo 100] This is a slow, bright music with the main sound of woodwinds.WAV File Download6.46MB...

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MEDIUM-018【Tempo 95 Sleepless City】

[tempo 95] This music is mainly composed of alto saxophone sounds and is inspired by the image of a ...

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BRIGHT-011【Tempo 120 puppet show】

[tempo 120] This three-beat music is mainly based on xylophone sounds and is reminiscent of a puppet...

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MEDIUM-008【Tempo 120 Listening to jazz】

[tempo 120] This music is inspired by a stylish jazz store with drums, bass, and guitar.WAV File Dow...

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