List of Sound Source Materials

Loop-playable sound source material.

鼓動 [beat]

MEDIUM-048【Tempo 80 Sacred Realm】

[tempo 80] This music is mainly composed of piano, string sounds, and synthesizer sounds, with a div...

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MEDIUM-046【Tempo 120 Performance Group】

[tempo 120] This music is mainly composed of muted sounds of bass and electric guitar, and is inspir...

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MEDIUM-041【Tempo 140 kill the enemy】

[tempo 140] This music is mainly bass slap sounds with a good tempo.WAV File Download4.61MB...

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MEDIUM-039【Tempo 80 Earth】

[tempo 80] Mainly using synthesizers, this music evokes the grandeur of the earth.WAV File Download8...

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MEDIUM-034【Tempo 88 Underground Martial Arts】

[tempo 88] This is cool music, mainly electronic sounds of synthesizers.WAV File Download7.34MB...

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DARK-019【Tempo 120 Remember this card】

[tempo 120] This music has a slightly eerie image, mainly consisting of echoed synth-sizer sounds.WA...

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MEDIUM-027【Tempo 140 Escape from Hunter】

[tempo 140] The music is inspired by the psychology of being on the run, with the synth-sizer's gall...

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MEDIUM-026【Tempo 128 Digital World】

[tempo 128] This music is mainly composed of single synthesizer notes, and is inspired by the digita...

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MEDIUM-024【Tempo 130 Virtual Space Race】

[tempo 130] A little cool music with a light rhythm, mainly consisting of single synthesizer notes a...

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MEDIUM-016 [Tempo 102 The truth of this]

[tempo 102] This music is mainly composed of piano arpeggio sounds and is inspired by mystery.WAV Fi...

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MEDIUM-013【Tempo 120 Clues to the Strategy】

[tempo 120] The music is mainly piano and synthesizer rhythms, with an image of thinking in order to...

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MEDIUM-012【Tempo 120 Night Highway】

[tempo 120] The music is mainly bass and synthesizer rhythms, with the image of driving on the highw...

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DARK-010【Tempo 80 Beats and Vertigo】

[Tempo 80] This music is inspired by a beating heart and wobbling vertigo, with many mysterious soun...

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MEDIUM-005【Tempo 69 can't get out...】

[tempo 69] This music is inspired by the feeling of being lost, using many mysterious synthesizer so...

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DARK-002【Tempo 140 escape!】

[tempo 140] This music has a slightly uneasy feeling, with the image of running away from something,...

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