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Before using sound materials

  1. Please read the following before using the sound sources on this site.
  2. Your use of the Sound Source shall be deemed acceptance of this Sound Source License.
  3. Please be sure to read the "Terms of Use" as the use of this site and sound sources is also subject to the Terms of Use of this site.


  1. No copyright royalties or other usage fees will be charged for the use of sound recordings.
  2. No copyright notice, offer, etc. is required for the use of the sound source by the user.
  3. If you indicate that you are offering, etc., please contact us so that we can introduce your produced contents on this website as well.

Scope of License

  1. You may use the sound source as "background music" for any production, commercial or non-commercial, individual or corporate. Use as "background music" under this license means the use of the sound source as the background of something else that is the main subject of the work. Please note that if the sound source is used primarily, but not exclusively, as background music, it is outside the scope of this license.

  2. The user can process the sound source (editing, effects, fade in/out, etc.).
  3. The user may use the sound source under this license only for the sound source downloaded from this site even after the sound source is no longer available on this site.


  1. Use of sound recordings in productions or contents that violate laws and regulations or are offensive to public order and morals
  2. Use of sound recordings in productions or contents related to politics, religion, or other ideologies
  3. To publish videos whose main content is sound sources, such as "background music for work" or "healing music".
  4. Distributing or selling sound recordings


  1. This site will not be liable for any problems that may occur when using the contents of this site, unless such problems are caused by willful misconduct or gross negligence.
  2. The content of this site is subject to change or deletion without notice.